Drew Wittig Design
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ASO Design

For the last 2 years I’ve worked for ShyftUp in San Francisco. Working under Levent at AnchorFree was a great experience and when I found out he was starting his own company I jumped at the idea of working together. I help Levent with everything design related all in efforts to drive adoption and growth. I work with his team to localize apps and ensure consistency across screenshots for all languages. I come up with new app icons or logo variations that are tested to see if we can get an app to rank higher in app-store(s). Most of the work I do is taking his teams requirements and coming up with new and creative screenshot designs for their clients. It's crucial to adhere to the clients brand guidelines while still being innovative and pushing the needle.


Screenshot Designs

Experimenting with different screenshot designs and testing them on Google-play to see which drives a higher download rate. Once the A/B testing is complete a new set of screenshots with the winning version is applied globally across the App and updated in each store.