Drew Wittig Design
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Enterprise Supplier App UI/UX

Mobile Project where I was lead - Worked on UI/UX. Custom illustrations and iconography. Built several interactive prototypes for engineering. Goal of the app, being the first of its kind, was to come off as consumer in style and usability.

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Forward Interview Details

From card view to detail view the main CTA’s become floating action buttons. User has the ability to accept interview times, propose new times, or forward details to candidate via text or email.

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Approve or Reject Expenses

Main assumption was user would approve or reject timecards on card level due to simplistic nature of task. Inside of detail card view we should FAB as well as supplemental information.

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Review New Requests

If a user sees a new request it really comes down to timing. They want to send out these request details to potential candidates ASAP so we give users ability to forward from card view as well as detail view. Detail screen contains tons of information including how many candidates are attached to the request and how many interviews are scheduled.

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